What to Expect

Services - What Can I Expect?

Our 105 minute Sabbath worship service begins with the blowing of the shofar (ram's horn) as a call to worship. We then begin a period of vibrant Messianic praise music. This is followed by a recitation of the Sh'ma (Deut. 6:4) in Hebrew and English and the reading of a brief portion of Torah (the five books of Moses). The portion of Torah is bracketed by Hebrew and English blessings and followed by the recitation of V'ahavta (Deut. 6:5 and following). The service continues with additional Messianic praise music. The sermon serves as the centerpiece of the morning and is punctuated by the traditional closing Aaronic benediction, in Hebrew and English.

Attire - What Should I Wear?

For worship services, we request everyone dress with modesty and respect. We suggest business casual attire as a reference point. A few men choose to wear a yarmulke or kippah (head cover) and tallit (prayer shawl), but most do not.

Children's Program - What About My Children?

Our congregation is family friendly and welcomes children of all ages, encouraging them to participate in various parts of the service. Currently because our youth program is still growing, we combine grades K-6, but tailor the teaching to the age of the children in the class. Our teachers have served in this capacity for 30 years and are especially talented in this area


What does Beth Sar Shalom mean?
Beth Sar Shalom is translated The House (Beth) of the Prince (Sar) of Peace (Shalom).

Are non-Messianic Jews welcome in your congregation?
Yes, absolutely! We encourage those of Jewish heritage who have not yet discovered the truth about Yeshua Ha-Mashiach to come and ask questions.

Can Gentiles visit your services?
Yes, absolutely! We encourage those of a non-Jewish (Gentile) background to come and learn the Jewish roots of their faith so that their understanding may increase.

Are interfaith couples welcome in your congregation?
Yes, absolutely! We encourage those in an interfaith marriage to come. What better way to illustrate the beautiful truth that through Yeshua ALL can be saved and brought into the family.

Is your congregation only Jewish?
No. We have both Jewish and Gentile members. A few members have interfaith marriages and others have both Jewish and Gentile heritage.


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We all need prayer and Beth Sar Shalom is here to pray for you, your family, a friend or loved one, or whatever you're dealing with.

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