Ministries Overview

At Beth Sar Shalom we have many opportunities for God's people to get plugged in or simply attend to learn more about Yeshua. Below is what we currently offer and will continue to build upon as the need arises.

Prayer Ministry – Saturday - 8:30am, 12:15pm

If you are a prayer warrior, this is the place for you. Come join our prayer ministry team as they pray for the needs of those in our church, the leadership of our church, and so much more.

Adult Shabbat School - Saturday – 9:15am

Our Shabbat (Saturday) morning Bible study is a place where deepest questions are honestly answered, using the Bible as oursource of authority. Our classes, while intense, are open to everyone no matter their level of knowledge. Our teacher, Steven Ger, adheres to a policy of "No Student Left Behind." Whether our study is based on the Hebrew Scriptures, the teaching of Yeshua (Jesus) in the New Testament, or (as is most often the case) a combination of the two, both Jewish and Gentile believers and seekers find satisfying biblical answers. Come join the conversation!

Children Shabbat School - Saturday – 11:15am

Our Children's Shabbat (Saturday) morning Bible study provides a positive and relevant Bible lesson each week to teach basic Scripture knowledge through a Messianic Jewish context. The class is designed for children ages 5-13.

All are welcome, whether committed believer or the spiritually curious. We will provide answers that will satisfy both mind and intellect.


Modern Hebrew: 1B - Sep 8, 2018 to Oct 20, 2018 :
A continuation of conversational Hebrew using the book "Let's Talk". We will focus on becoming more fluent in speaking and reading Hebrew both modern and liturgical. Those who join this class will also learn to read and speak our Hebrew prayers."
Prerequisite: Modern Hebrew Part 1a - or basic reading skills
There is a small fee of $15 to cover the cost of the materials. To sign up or get more information about the class contact us here.

Understanding the Modern State of Israel - Began Sep 15, 2018:
Join us for this exciting Shabbat series about Israel and why this country is often in the news as well as why they continue to be a political hot button. While seemingly everyone has an opinion regarding the nation, very few possess a thorough understanding of the modern state of Israel. Through lecture, video and discussion, this new course will trace the political, religious, economic and cultural development of Israel from the exile through the rise of Zionism, from mandate to statehood and beyond.

Children's Shabbat Class Lesson Schedule - Jun 23, 2018 – Jul 28, 2018:
Jul 28 – King Jehoshaphat: Unwise decisions can lead to big problems.
Aug 4 – King Joash: A good beginning is good; a good ending is better!
Aug 11 – King Hezekiah: God desires our wholehearted service.
Aug 18 – God uses His Word and other people to help us know what He expects of us.
Aug 25 – God is patient and compassionate, but He does eventually judge and punish sin.
Sep 1 – Daniel chooses to obey God.
Sep 8 – God will help us trust Him even in a time of persecution.
Sep 15 – King Belshazzar: Pride in one’s self always leads to downfall.

Shabbat Services – Saturday - 10:30am

Jews or Gentiles, believers or seekers can find a home in our biblically based service. Our services are focused on the scripture in the Jewish Context in which it was written and in which it reveals our Messiah.

Women’s Bible Study – Tuesday - 9:30am

Study the word of God in depth with other women who desire a deeper understanding of the scripture. The women's Bible study is held on Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. This study, based on Arnold Fruchtenbaum's book The Life of Messiah from a Jewish Perspective, began Sep 11, 2018 and will last 26 weeks study. It is being led by Deb Jones.
This study is currently full, but to sign up to get more information about the next class contact us here.

Men’s Bible Study – Tuesday - 6:00pm

Study the word of God in depth with other men who desire a deeper understanding of the scripture. The men's Bible study is held on Tuesdays from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. On Sep 4, 2018 they began a 12 week study of 1 Peter. The study is held at our host church Willow Bend, located at 5701 W. Park Blvd., Plano, TX 75093.
This study is currently full, but to sign up to get more information about the next class contact us here.


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